A Brief History of Classes


 Rite of Passage into the Heart

At the foundation of every ailment & each expression of “dis-ease” within the physical body lies an obstruction within the emotional being. Let us explore the ways in which the spirits of plants may support our authentic experience with intimacy, self love, sexuality & stepping into our full potential in our personal expression. We will travel through the cycle of life and the cardinal directions as we touch on rites of passage and our emotional evolution through establishing healthy boundaries, finding safety in vulnerability and healing old wounds with the unconditional love & support of 6 beautiful plant allies which posses an affinity for the spiritual heart. 

The Flavors of Sexulity

    Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Pungent & Sour all play a delicious role in nourishing, calming, stimulating and quite literally “turning on” the many facets of our sexuality. Our sexual fire is the very foundation of our unique expression, our creativity, the cadence in voice & the internal rhythms we dance to upon the earth, therefore we must peer into all aspects of our being in order to experience intimacy that begins first within ourselves.Through exploring the 5 flavors in both food & herbs, we will expand beyond the pelvic floor, to embrace the full spectrum of our fire with emphasis on honoring all of our senses.


 Womb Shadow: Black Cohosh, Ocotillo & Sacred Datura

    As daughters of the moon, in our receptivity we gather all memories of our sex just above the pelvic floor. The expression of our inner beauty collects and stirs, blending our sultry & sweet ways of sharing our vulnerability, our fire, our intimacy, the passion that fuels our creativity & the funcundity which flows without effort from the divine feminine within us.     In this class we will explore the unraveling of all that we have been carrying in this place so that we may begin to re-write old stories, remove stagnancy and surrender to the healing potential of allowing life to flow through areas that have been blocked, guarded or wounded with the support of 3 very powerful plant allies. 

Botanical Dreamtime: 

Each night when we draw the blinds of our conscious minds we enter the shadow. A place where our perception of reality streams unfiltered by the influence of gravity and the laws of nature. It is in the realm of dreams where the silent languages of plants, emotions and the unprocessed work in the waking world find their expression.

   In this class we will discuss the importance of dream memory as a tool, to deepen not only our knowledge of plants but also of our own inner subconscious terrain. We will explore dream stories, the doctrine of signatures, herbs & stones which may enhance, sooth or protect us awake as well as deep in slumber. 

 Radical Adornment:

The theater of Fashion can be a dance of color, texture & culture we move with like music, orchestrating a personalized song of self expression.  Through intentionally drapping our vessles with pieces to display our inner emotional terrain wehave the opportunity to dawn particular artifacts which may serve to sooth, calm, excite or address where we may need support on any given day.

     In protest to the societal/ cultural limitation imprints on our freedom to authentically & fashionably express ourselves, i invite you to join me for an evening class where we will dive into the science of our senses, discuss the emotional power of color, touch on the vibrational medicine offered in metal & stone as we indulge in herbal allies for  the sake of self-empowerment.


Medicinal Adornment:A workshop to explore the wearing of medicine.

With the debris of trees & industry, roots, bones& leaves we can gather the pieces of medicine small & potent to adorn ourselves with, rather than sipping teas, tinctures & elixirs. The art of adornment is a creative playground for expressing ourselves. Through intentionally drapping our vessles with pieces to express our inner emotional terrain we also have the opportunity to dawn particular artifacts which also serve to sooth, calm, excite & address where we may need support & encouragement on any given day.

In this class we will gather to create your very own medicinal jewelry, explore the energies offered in particular bones, stones, roots & metals, while learning about basic jewelry making tools & techniques. Each will leave with a pair of earring or an amulet.


Tea Alchemy: The ritual within

When we sit to sip, we choose to surrender the concept of time. In a single cup as the steam rises, we exhale & stare into our own reflection and are invited into the forgetting of past & future. As we arrive fully in the moment, we shall see that the experience of transmutation we witness in the ceremony of tea, presents us with a beautiful metaphor for our own conscious evolution.

    Join me as we sip to explore Internal alchemy. While the triangular foundation of the Hermetic arts provides us the tools,  the ceremony of tea offers the container for the collective focus to navigate the process of turning our lead selves into gold!


The Ritual of Sleep: A Unified Dream Ceremony

The gift of dreams given each night in slumber offers us great insight into the shadowy places in our subconscious minds. While the intention of one held is strong, when many gather to share a common focus we multiply the intensity. This evening, we gather in order to create a container for dreams so we may receive guidance for not only our own personal paths but for each of the tributaries we create & convene in the ocean of the collective. Together we become the hollow bone.  

    An over night ritual wherein we will share sleep/ dream space in a safe and solid container to explore the power of collective dreaming.


Art of Percolation

Medicine making comes in many forms. From the choosing of ingredients sautéed in cast iron to the gathering of roots, leaves & petals bathed in alcohol in a mason jar, every herb lover & kitchen witch finds their way to inviting the spirits of plants into tiny little bottles.  In this class we will honor the inevitability of gravity and the gentle pressure it lends, allowing us to create a tincture with measurably more constituents, increased potency & an expansion of taste & action, while eliminating extraction time. We will discuss the significance of preparing medicine aligned with the days- planets & moons as we move step –by step through the percolation process.


The Art of Spagyrics:

Plants are not so different from humans, possessing many moods, characters and personalities, components and constituents which all work together to present the whole picture type enclosed in a single being. While wild crafting allows us to connect with the spirit of that plant, the next step is about honoring how to utilize, extract, tincture or infuse that herb to its full medicinal potential.  In exploring this ancient tradition, we will peel back the veil to peer deeply into the process of medicine making, beyond maceration and percolation, taking into consideration the origins of alchemy and the 3 components necessary in creating a Spagyric tincture.