I had spent many years working Clinically as an Herbalist and Nutritionist.  I have been certified in the realms of Flower Essences & Vibrational medicine, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Reiki. I have dabbled in the stars with astrology and turned the cards of the tarot as well as burned the marcs of many plants  in the weaving of medicine making by way of Hermetic traditions. And through all the years of gathering new tools and pearls of knowledge I have come to extend my offerings to Women in the divining of the Feminine. Coming back into our bodies, softening the places that have become callous & strengthening the spaces that have lost their ability to contain all that we are. 

 If you are interested in learning more about how we might work together please feel free to contact me and we can begin  to explore how i might be able to support you.

In the meantime below are a couple of session options available both in person & from afar. 



The Essence of Petals: One layer at a time

     I work largely with vibrational medicine in these sessions: Flower essences & gem essences. This approach does not require the whole story in order to understand what is surfacing no matter how old. The initial session is typically 1.5 hours and during this session I facilitate what I call a body scan or body meditation, where i will guide you through your body. There may be questions, listening, support of difference remedies... the container is intended to hold you in a safe space so you can feel comfortable enough to relax and sink into what might be true for you in certain body parts & organ systems during the session. This is based on the understanding that we hold trauma, memory and dissonance in particular parts of the body. As if an echo of a ghost remains. I find this to be the safest way to address what may be going on energetically /emotionally in the body, relying on other senses rather than the analysis of the mind. In this way it supports your being to reveal what you are ready to address, release or work with. I truly believe that we are the best judge of what we are capable of shifting at any given moment. We must establish the pace and the method by which we transmute. We must be the ones to make this choice as well as to consciously consent to it. 

   At the end of the first session you will receive  a custom formula based on what is revealed in the session. 

* Additional follow-up session(s) as needed are highly recommended 2 weeks apart.  


Combing the Terrain: Full intake series

 ..................................(This includes the Initial intake + 2 follow up sessions).................................

 Combines Herbal, Nutrition & Emotional support. May include diet & lifestyle changes, supplementation, herbal formulation, exercise, EFT & other energetic therapies. 


   The first session is considered the INTAKE: This allows me to get the full story, back ground history, basically your personal journey both physically & emotionally up until this point. This session often runs roughly 2 hours. 

You will leave with a custom formula to carry you to our next session.

Follow- up sessions: (1 hr)

      I typically recommend 2 weeks between each session. During which you will have the opportunity to work with herbal formulas, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations, flower essences or other practices. 

      In our follow-up sessions we will revisit the focal points from the previous sessions as well as explore any new elements that may have arisen. During this time we are given the opportunity to journey together, to track what may begin to move, as well as allow for consistent support throughout that time.

Each session will be tailor fit to you.

 Additional formulas or recommendations may follow.