"There will always be obstacles in the river of our lives. Those which threaten our very rite to choose, to express & to proceed and yet no matter the storm that swirls about us, we will always have access to the greatest source of empowerment within our very blood. "

Trace the cycle.  The seasons held within your body will reveal the secrets that only you can know. Begin to predict and prepare for when the mood may swing, or the time to nestle and nurture is best. Know when to protect, when to unfurl and when we are most fiery & fertile.  Through temperature, texture and self reflection we begin to understand the map or our internal rhythms so that we may carry them out into the world. In knowing our bodies we root down into our truth, unlocking clarity, discernment and resilience. 

So whether you are looking to understand your body, find answers to the seemingly crazy and unpredictable shifts in energy, creativity and mood or you would like to familiarize yourself with the feral soil which lies within you… come gather in this 6 week journey into all things womb.


This gathering is being called for those who wish to:

* Deeply listen to the language of our bodies

* Transcend our deepest wounds into our greatest teachings

* Stake claim to our Rite to Direct our Sexuality, our Fertility + our Creativity

*Strengthen our foundation in order to show up more freely to speak, to redefine + to stand in the 'Feminine'

In order to reclaim our blood & our body, we must first  learn to listen.  When we put down the sword + the shield, we willingly surrender to the depths of our vulnerability.  In solidarity with other womyn, we may begin to translate the language of our bodies unadulterated by patriarchy, by the media & by the memory of countless silenced and disembodied womyn who came before us.

  It is also essential to consider that not all Female bodies wish to utilize their creative power to reproduce. Within  our pelvic bowl we possess an incredible potency for both creation & destruction and for this reason this is where all things begin + end. 

 While we are redefining relationships, sexuality & gender roles, We have the power to choose how we want to wield our bodies, with whom we choose to share them with  &  in doing so, it is of the utmost importance to know when & how to be safe, supported & self assured. 

 "By Way of The Moon" is intended to be an introduction into tuning into the cycle so we may unveil the potential of what lies within. To understand our internal mysteries we must ride the waves of emotion, memory & each symptom of wisdom. Through guiding our attention inward we will follow the entire cycle, illuminating each season & transition we move through in order to heed the many facets of our menstrual tide.  The moment we begin to seek significance & correlation between our mood, our body and our environment we have the opportunity to recognize patterns within the first 2 months that can help inform us for years to come. 

Our 6 weeks together will cast a circle, from which support, reflection + accountability will permeate the experience.   Although the journey inward may be wrought by shadow, pain or discomfort, behind every obstacle lies the place of new beginning and it is there that will shall find reverence for both the light & the dark in one another. 


To maintain the solid & intimate container...Space is limited to 13 womyn. 

Each Wednesday we will gather for a teaching & discussion. 

Each week will be guided by an Archetypal Herbal Ally. 


A tentative  Schedule:

The Seasons of our Cycle + The Phasic Ritual Method:

Cycle Awareness- Tracing the metaphors of our moontime

Anatomy & the Language of the Body

 Revisit & Redefine

 Where the Nervous & Endocrine system meet

 Hormones & Emotions

Common Ailments of the Pelvic Region

Sooth Physical & Emotional symptoms of both acute & chronic issues

Boundaries: Our vaginal barometer

 Tending to our wounds with energetic sutures

Radical Self Care + Closing Circle:

Blood magic, Breasts, Bathing & the Practice of Self-Intimacy



A hand bound Journal with Menstrual/ Mood charts

An Archetypal Herb of the Week




IN Person.................$350

* Payment plans are always optional

Next Series begins March 2019


Mirror & Metaphor:

An Alchemical perspective into the world of PLants & Planets.

"As Above so Below", As within so without"

            The inseparable reflection offered in the Plants + Planets as seen through the lens of the Persona offers an infinite chasm of wisdom. While the constellations form maps in the celestial realm, our earthly bound allies absorb the light of the luminaries and lend to us the opportunity to transcribe this guidance internally. 

   In this class we will speak to the foundational triunes at the roots of Alchemy and untangle the complexity of history and symbolism in order to reveal how we can commune daily with alchemical principles through deepening our understanding of Plants and their ruling Planets. 

This may be an enlightening series for those who are already well versed in the chemistry of Spagyrics as well as those who may be new to Alchemy, Astrology & Herbal Medicine. 

......An 7 Week Online Course.....

  • Each week we gather on the platform of ZOOM for a 2.5 hour Teaching + Discussion.

  • Each Class will focus on a Day of the week, The Ruling planet, Associated Plants and An alchemical Principle.

  • There will also be an invitation to work with these energies on a personal level between each meeting with suggested assignments or practices to explore.

  • Following each class you will each receive an extensive write-up of our correspondence as well as a Monograph of the associated Plant of the Week.




* Payment plans are always optional