Dreaming with Chiron

A Plants + Planets Retreat w/ Adam Sommer and Sheri Hupfer

   During the time when Asclepias was honored as the god of healing, Sanctuaries were set about the land dedicated to the relinquishing of our everyday lives in order to settle into the space of our subconscious in deep reflection.  It was here we could take in the nourishment of clean food, air and water in order to allow our bodies to make sense of the madness often stirred by the waking realms. 

This retreat has been created to mimic this ancient practice of time spent in the Ascepion with a particular emphasis on the placement of Chiron and the beacon of light he offers into our greatest challenges and hardships. As the first and most cherished of all the Centaurs, Chiron will guide us in and out of our dreams with the intention of uncovering ways in which we can begin to see our deepest wounds as guideposts to our greatest gifts and even unique super powers!

 Together we will learn how to work with him in our Charts-both nataly and by transit with the support of local plant allies which lend a hand to both the dream body and the nervous system along the journey.

Our intention is to peel back the veil of what separates us from truly seeing what lies within so that we may return rejuvenated and available to integrate what we have gathered in the Asclepion . 

 SPACE: The Casita is a secluded temple in the Rocky mountains custom built by the hands of artists and musicians with a keen eye for beauty as well as comfort. The space is modest in size and facilitates a more intimate experience so that we may have better access to connection in dreamtime. 

NOURISHMENT: We are collaborating with masterful kitchen witch with a deep connection to the  spirits of the land. From this source she utilizes the mediums of both the plant and animal realms in her cuisine honoring the abundance offered by the season. Much of her herbs and vegetables are grown at her farm in Longmont, Co while others are wild crafted. Check out her beautiful work HERE.

WATER: Colorado is dry and like a succulent can coax the moisture from your very lips. We will provide the water which flows straight from the source in Ward, Co. We also have access to a hot tub and a beautiful bathtub in the sanctuary for the soaking of weary bones.

AIR: It is important to know that we will be at 8,000 feet above sea level. For those of you coming from a distance know that this may create an altered state that for some may be pleasant while others may have a more challenging transition time. We will be well equipped with herbs and other allies to support this transition.


   We will gather on Thursday the 26th of September settle in and share our first meal together. Opening circle will happen around the fire where we will each have an opportunity to share our story and the legs we have traveled to get here. 

Friday + Saturday: 

We’ll  begin with dream journaling and reflection in silence followed by a morning movement practice

Morning Circle: 10-1pm


 Afternoon Circle: 3-6pm


We will have a final Circle followed by A closing ceremony wherein we will precipitate the essence of what we are taking back out into our waking lives both individually and collectively. 

  • Adam will be holding circles on Chiron both as planet and an archetype and how to track our dreams with the Moon

While Sheri will bring in her deep connection to the nervous system, the dreaming body and local plant allies to support us in the inner exploration.

*There are no prerequisites. Both no Astrology or Plant medicine education necessary

We welcome 12 to join us!

Early Bird (First 3) $875

Regular Registration: $1,100 (Full room, board and circles)

Local: $800

Payment plans are available~ (3 payments of $400. To be paid in full by Sept. 20th)


 Please fill out the following FORM to claim your place.

* Please take note: We ask that you fill out the form which will be followed by a confirmation email in which you will find your registration cost details.  With hosting such a small retreat of 12 this may fill quickly and if for any reason we cannot accommodate you, we look forward to future retreats with you!

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If you have questions, concerns or other curiosities…



“Somewhere between Order & Chaos Lives a Dragon

Hale Akua, Maui, Hawaii

Wednesday January 16 – Monday January 21, 2019

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Astrologer Adam Sommer and I gather for the Lunar eclipse on the island of Maui to explore the Nodes of the Moon through the lens of the Dragon. When we begin to intimately understand the luminaries of the South and North node in our charts, we can begin to recognize the maps they offer into the most shadowy places of both our conscious and unconscious realms. We will focus on the unending principle of Chaos and Order as seen through the dragon eating it's own tail while imbibing in herbal allies to sooth, support  and clarify our personal journeys of transmuting our lead aspects into Gold!

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