Essences & Elixirs

Small Batches of Medicine are made in alignment with particular seasons, planetary influences and in relation to current classes being offered. 




Pulsatilla... wind anemone...she as the first to bloom in the unpredictable conditions of spring in the Colorado mountains. She teaches us of courage in the face of the unpredictable.  Perceived trauma, the seemingly inevitable triggers of PTSD and in general when we feel we are too sensitive to face the conditions of the world, she can lend her support. 
  -Social anxiety
  - Fortification and the setting of necessary boundaries so we are not taking on the weight which is not ours to Carry.
   As a dream ally and one which particularly supports the connection to our subconscious mind she may help to restore dreams and their recall or perhaps bring them forward for the very first time. 
    With her connection to the watery places in our bodies and the movement of emotion she may bring the catharsis of tears as well as how to balance those of us who seem to move to that expression too quick and too often. 

She is a strong and even toxic herb, therefore she is an ally to some and Always recommended in drop dose.

1/2 oz



Rose: (Rosa damascena)

  With layers of her velvet petals unfurled
she is the feminine in bloom. 
Adorned with thorns
she shows her teeth & ferocity. 
The prick of a finger, 
the drawing of blood
brings our attention
To the seat of our love. 
Calm thy nerves and sooth thy pain. 
The sweet aroma of a maiden named. 
The rose does sooth an aching heart
& claims the fame of an uncertain art,
of remembering the game of reciprocity
To feel the love one gives to thee.
and to open the same
from a place within
known for unveiling
& surrendering.  

+ honey: for sweetness & to nurture the child at heart
1/2 oz tincture



Mugwort... cronewort... dream alley. 

Our guide through the portal of solstice, as the sun returns the sharp edge of saturn's discernment begs for the soft and sensible sweetness of the moon. 

   There stands no solid structure without the space to maintain balance just as the space between words holds equal meaning to that of each word.

Mugwort offers movement where stagnation lies. And with just a few drops: Bend the eye and the ear away from duality to find that there are options far beyond only left & 'right'. Judgement even when percieved as posotive is still judgement. Soften the mind and avoid creating structures that are limiting rather than fortifying and supportive under this Capricorn lense. 

With the assistance of mugwort we may move through self reflection and the burning off of impurities ruthlessly yet compassionately through both the dreaming and waking worlds

1/2 oz Spagyric tincture