Essences & Elixirs




 “The Herb of Remembrance.” 
Stimulate fluidity. 
The rhythm of the heart beat carries oxygen rich blood to clear areas of stagnation or over occupancy. 
Restless thought patterns & headaches. 
Returning the memory of dreams .
Soothing & relaxant to the nervous system.
Rosemary supports the stimulation of digestive secretions while calming & centering the solar plexus to facilitate proper assimilation. 
Breathe deep as you open your heart & remember what it is your came here for. 

1/2 oz percolated spagyric infused with amethyst: to move forward with discernment and the clarity of a 'sober' mind.


Black cohosh

  Black Cohosh has always lingered in the dark realms. Depression, agitation, ungrounded irritability & a quickness to judge. The lashing of a sharp tongue may follow or perhaps the suffering of silence which brews like a volcano under pressure.    She as the dark snake root, draws us down into the places where the thickest of shadows reign. When light barely shines and there are endless crevices to crawl into, hide and withhold.  

We may carry distrust, a level of disconnect between the heart and our root .Caught in the resonant cave of the pelvic floor, the stagnation becomes putrid, and the willingness to venture beneath the depths even more daunting. In recognizing the danger of stirring up old memories, drawing trauma and story to the surface we must remember that in the revisiting of old & ancient places within us we must see them as symbols. Fables which offer us the opportunity to self reflect allow us to gauge the places in our lives that have been affected by a word, a phrase or an action that struck so deep, that we may subconsciously   be continuing to write the scripts of our lives from these fractured places.