As a ceremonialist,  The practice of Ritual gifts the opportunity to imbue significance into the many phases, cycles and rites we pass through in this life, I offer my services to create, contain & conduct in honoring the following...


"Wedding" & Handfast

When two in love choose to step forward and make agreements to one another their union binds them by more than their words. Such commitments mark the beginning of a great cycle, where two separate paths become one shared journey. This journey may be a long and winding road with many turns & unpredictable detours wherein the words" til death do us part" may have driven the masses from even considering such a feit. In the tradition of the hand fast, lovers are bound for 1 year & a day and asked to continually revisit their vows, acknowledging the seasons of change, the meeting of needs & the evolution of time. 


"Crowning the Crone"

 Honoring the age as wisdom and the change as transmutation is often lost as Woman step into their wise years as Crones in current culture.  Traditionally this rite of passage was held and carried down by the elders who came before us and though times have changed we have not lost our connection to all that was and all that will be within us. As woman we carry the seeds of generations to come and our memory began within the womb of our grandmothers.  So no matter your age or orientation we must remind those during such a passage the great honor of being Crowned a Crone. 


menarche:the first shedding 

Many who begin their fertile years unmarked by recognition may be left to linger in the realm of uncertainty. The shedding of our blood represents the rising of our sexuality, our creative fire & the development of our personal identity. The crossing from girlhood into the blossoming of a woman is a passage wherein we are invited  into a greater responsibility for our bodies, our sex & the fecundity within. 


Blessing way

          As a maiden prepares to become a mother she is given an opportunity to reflect on the first phase of her life. It is a time to honor the girlhood within, to remember the joys, the pain & the many lessons that lead her on her path. Although it is a great time of celebration, she must also be witnessed, heard & supported in her fear, doubt and the experience of morning before such a great change. In our Culture we often throw baby showers and celebrate the child to be, with pink & blue and the neutral yellow. Baby bonnets and tiny socks. The Blessing way Ceremony is soley for the woman. To honor her life, her strength, her vulnerability. We bless her belly, we brush her hair, we bathe her hands and feet & allow her to feel nourishment through every sense.  


"unraveling the weave"

Our nervous system is a vast matrix of sensory & memory pathways which are woven into an elaborate web of emotion.  We are the great weavers, with the hand to both destroy and create the neural connections within the web that's been woven. This web within extends outward into the world around us, casting strands to every physical & emotional connection we encounter or create.  Like the Grandmother Spider we must remember that it is essential in the maintenance of our physical and emotional well being to uphold the integrity of this matrix through chord cutting. By intentionally naming & releasing  old stories, thought patterns & relationship ties that are  no longer serving us, we are better able to reign from a place of empowered deiscernment. 


"Unwedding & Unbound"

        When we choose to bind our hands or our hearts in the ceremony of union, we are wed by more than words & pieces of paper. When we begin a journey with another, the circle is cast and within that container our relationship resides. If & when two decide to become one again and unbind their hands, the words and the energetic tendrils which wove together over months, years or lifetimes must be acknowledges & untangled. A "Divorce" must also be a ceremony, in order to properly close the cycle, so we can honor what was & move forward fully available to begin again.