As a nomad, I have had the pleasure of being hosted by many other incredible Herbalists, Makers & Radicals along the way. Click "Pre-register" to learn more about cost,  location & to claim your space in the gathering. 


Jewelry as Medicine: A hands on workshop to explore the significance of adornment.

   In the forging of metals and the faceting of gems & stones, we are given the gift of  dawning ourselves with earth’s most subtle and yet profound medicine. Rather than sipping teas, tinctures & elixirs in this class we will gather to create our very own medicinal jewelry, explore concepts of alchemy as well as the energies offered in particular bones, stones & metals.  While learning about basic jewelry making tools & techniques we will experience the empowerment of taking our creative adornment into our own hands. 

Each will leave with a pair of earrings or an amulet.

February 10th

2-4:30 PM

BEAD IT , Austin, Tx


The Art of Spagyrics:

Plants are not so different from humans, possessing many moods, characters and personalities, components and constituents which all work together to present the whole picture type enclosed in a single being. While wild crafting allows us to connect with the spirit of that plant, the next step is about honoring how to utilize, extract, tincture or infuse that herb to its full medicinal potential.  In exploring this ancient tradition, we will peel back the veil to peer deeply into the process of medicine making, beyond maceration and percolation, taking into consideration the origins of alchemy and the 3 components necessary in creating a Spagyric tincture.

January 23rd


Soma Vida, Austin Tx