Mirror & Metaphor:

An Alchemical perspective

into the world of PLants & Planets

as see through the persona

"As Above so Below", As within so without"

            The inseparable reflection offered in the Plants + Planets as seen through the lens of the Persona offers an infinite chasm of wisdom. While the constellations form maps in the celestial realm, our earthly bound allies absorb the light of the luminaries and lend to us the opportunity to transcribe this guidance internally. 

   In this class series we will speak to the foundational triunes at our roots while untangling the complexity of symbolism in order to reveal how we can commune daily with Nature’s principles. In deepening our understanding of the energies offered in each day by way of forming relationships with the very planet that oversee them, we can begin to uncover ways in which these often unforeseen qualities are subconsciously structuring our lives. When we acknowledge the currents beneath the surface of our ‘reality’ we can choose to be empowered and guided by them.

Let us come together to gather an old set of tools to construct new perspectives in a modern world searching for meaning.

* This course is designed to be an Introduction to those who may be new to Alchemical concepts, Astrology & Herbal Medicine as well as an enlightening series for those who are already well versed in the chemistry of Spagyrics, the Divination of the Tarot or other relatable forms.

......7 WEEK Online Course.....

  • Each week we will focus on a Day of the week, The Ruling planet, Associated Plants and An alchemical Principle.

  • Each class also includes an extensive write-up on the Planetary correspondence as well as a Monograph of the associated Plant of the Week.

  • There will be an invitation to work with these energies on a personal level between teachings with suggested inquiries/practices to explore at your own pace.