As a nomad, I have had the pleasure of being hosted by many other incredible Herbalists, Makers & Radicals along the way. Click "Pre-register" to learn more about cost,  location & to claim your space in the gathering. 


The Ritual of Sleep: A Unified Dream Ceremony

Dreams offer us great insight into the shadowy places of our subconscious minds. While the intention of one is strong, when many gather, we multiply the intensity of that intention through our common focus. This evening, we will share sleep//dream space in a safe and solid container to explore the power of collective dreaming. Together we become the hollow bone. 

Will will sit & sip tea as we become aquinted,ground and settle into our dream nest and prepare for 3-3 hour rounds of dreaming. We will rise in the morning to break the fast & precipitate our dreams, ending with a closing the circle to complete. 

March 30-31st, 9pm-10am

Location to be announced with registration


Womb Shadow: Black Cohosh, Ocotillo & Sacred Datura

As daughters of the moon, in our receptivity we gather all memories of our sex just above the pelvic floor. The expression of our inner beauty collects and stirs, blending our sultry & sweet ways of sharing our vulnerability, our fire, our intimacy, the passion that fuels our creativity & the funcundity which flows without effort from the divine feminine within us.   In this class we will explore the unraveling of all that we have been carrying in this place so that we may begin to re-write old stories, remove stagnancy and surrender to the healing potential of allowing life to flow through areas that have been blocked, guarded or wounded with the support of 3 very powerful plant allies. 

Sunday April 9th


Charm School Vintage, Austin Tx